Artist in Residence

We recently completed a studio and gallery for a local artist that showcases some playful modern ideas. The art gallery and workshops are built from an array of cargo containers stacked atop one another. A multi-story guesthouse (linked to the art spaces via a small bridge) provides room for friends, gatherings and even lunch. Making art can burn a LOT of calories!

There is a bit of mystery and discovery to the choreography: Broad stone steps lead you upwards through the landscape from the lower parking area to the main entrance. The gallery (which is actually a bridge) flies out toward an oversized window which looks out over the valley below. From this vantage, one can opt for the comfort of the guesthouse, or the creative laboratory of the studio. Which will it be? Meanwhile, light streams in from above via a translucent clerestory that softly lights the art by day and transforms into a lantern at night.

A mid-project pivot has destined this project to be an un-built work, but we liked it too much not to share at least a few images.