Working With Us

Working with us is easy.
We offer a free initial meeting to explore the possibility of working together.  Successful projects are built on strong relationships, so in addition to answering specific questions, this meeting allows us to determine our mutual compatibility.  Initial meetings are here at our office and limited to one hour.

Meetings are by appointment Monday through Saturday 9am-6pm and can be set up either by telephone or email. Directions to our office can be found here.

In order to be well prepared, we have a short form for new clients that lists the materials and information needed to begin work on your project. It’s formatted as an editable PDF which you can either fill out electronically or by hand. Linked file (Note: Acrobat Reader will not allow saving a filled in form – Use “Preview” on the Mac, or “Word” or other PDF editor on the PC if you want to save or email an electronic copy).

File Transfer
Most email systems limit the size of attached files. To accommodate large files, we will send you direct download links to a secure location which can be accessed for the duration of the project.  If you need to send us large documents, access to our FTP site can be gained here. Please note, this service is for active clients and will require a login and password.

In order to help you begin your project, we’ve included some useful resources to assist you:

Property Information
Aerial Photographs can be accessed via Google Maps. Simply select the “Satellite” tab in the map display window.
Island County Assessor Property Information provides a significant amount of background property data.
Whidbey Zoning/Parcel Maps allows you to determine zoning and review basic plat information for each property.
Whidbey GIS Maps are now offered through the planning department.
Old Whidbey Parcel Maps
Soil Information can be found via the US Natural Resource Conservation Service maps.
Well Logs – Searchable database with interactive maps for the State of Washington.

Real Estate
Real Estate listings for all Washington State properties in the Multiple Listings service (organized by county).

Varies by municipality. For convenience, we’ve included a link to our local county government:
Island County Planning & Community Development is the starting point for local planning & building permits.
Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) is one of the leading energy codes in the nation. Check for frequent updates.