• Island Prairie

    A Usonian style residence provides the next chapter in the story of this family’s home. With strong horizontal lines and iconic corner windows, the building stretches wide to take in the view and connect to the landscape. The warm interior exudes both warmth and…

  • At Home in the Highlands

    An artist’s home in the Langley Highlands wraps around its landscape – creating an interplay between interior and exterior.  Shou sugi ban (charred cedar) walls provide structure to the outdoor rooms.   Inside, concrete and earthen radiant floors provide warmth through the soles of your…

  • Whidbey Island Farmhouse

    Diamond windows and a wrap-around-porch add touches of character to this Whidbey Island farmhouse.  Although new, this home exudes the aged glow of a home at ease with itself.  The site was home to the oldest cabin at Bush Point, so we built atop…

  • Salish Hand Crafted

    This home was artfully crafted by it’s owners.  Most of the wood was milled on the property.  Straw bale and insulated concrete forms were used for the walls.  A ground source heat pump is coupled with an accessible lower floor slab for remarkable energy…

  • Meadow Modular

    In the midst of a meadow, this simple home will stretch out to the view and sun.  Its simple design belies some of the careful planning hidden within it.  A series of pods, will be built nearby (at a local carpentry school) and then…

  • Mutiny Bay Modern

    Overlooking the waters of Mutiny Bay, this home is a sculptural testament to modernism. Built from strong materials composed with restraint, it features some of the most advanced energy systems available.      

  • Tiny House

    In pursuit of affordable housing and a reduced footprint , we collaborated with a local craftsman to create a tiny home with quality finishes at the scale of an Airstream trailer. This home features some innovations to the Tiny House genre: Entrance is gained…

  • Confluence Park

    The picnic shelter at Issaquah’s newly christened Confluence Park mimics the historic Anderson Barn that preceded it. Light fixtures and the sliding door were salvaged from the original structure for re-use.  Custom designed furniture and the roof truss system were built by the carpentry…

  • Everett Mixed Use

    This project aims to remake a derelict downtown property into a vital part of the neighborhood. The storefront is being completely rebuilt to include ample natural light; a new mezzanine and dedicated new service areas.  A two-story duplex has been fashioned from the remnants…

  • Newman Road Farmhouse

    This historic farmhouse is a Whidbey landmark, so we took care to ensure that the new sun room and bedroom addition felt right at home.  Further enhancement included new bathrooms, an updated kitchen, and numerous other niceties.  

  • Unity Church

    Thirty years in the making, Unity has finally come home. Conceived as modular structures, it was prefabricated in Seattle by carpentry students and transported to the site for assembly. Phase 1 includes the buildings shown with the sanctuary to come later.  Many layers of…

  • A Light Touch

    Small enhancements can make a large difference. This modest renovation refreshed the street side of the home with a new arbor, decks overlooking the sound and access through the landscape.  On the inside we expanded the kitchen and used a ridge skylight to lighten…

  • Neighborhood Friendly Net Zero

    A high performance home in a historic neighborhood –  Located on Coupeville’s  walking tour in the middle of the Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve, this home is also in one of Western Washington‘s sunniest locations. The finished home is “net-zero,” Built-Green (certified 5-star) and …

  • Tibetan Buddhist Stupa

    This Tibetan Buddhist stupa at Whidbey Island’s Earth Sanctuary is one of only a few in North America.  It is rooted in a system of sacred design that spans thousands of years.  Stupas function as both time capsules (preserving the teachings within them) and…

  • Si View Restoration

    This beautiful national park style community center has served North Bend for generations and was showing its age. We helped to restore the exterior so that it can continue its mission well into the future.  Later, when the park district redeveloped the grounds and…

  • Bayview Hall

    Our historic Bayview Hall has long been in need of some modern upgrades.  We helped to conceive a vision of what it can look like if we reinvest in it for future generations.

  • Clinton Beach

    Clinton Beach provides a new civic gateway to southern Whidbey Island.  From art to ecology, native plants to civic action, it embodies many of the qualities found in this unique community.

  • Good Cheer Garden

    The thought of establishing a food garden at the local food bank (and we do mean local – it’s across the street!) made so much sense to us that we promptly dove in.  We have been delighted to watch it grow into a thriving…

  • South Whidbey Playground

    Sandwiched in the middle of South Whidbey’s soccer fields, this park provides some shelter from the elements and a play area for kids of all ages.

  • Bath House

    The sound of falling water lends a peaceful overtone to this Japanese style bath house.  One gains entrance through a small cloister garden before arriving at the inner courtyard where a bath, sauna and outdoor shower encircle the nearby pond.

  • Beverly Beach Bungalow

    A classic bungalow with a twist, this home blends naturally into the surrounding landscape. The traditional styling and attention to detail add to the timeless feel.  

  • Coastal Retreat

    This home was designed to be both a retreat and a place of gathering.  Intimate nooks contrast the large central area and outdoor rooms.  Copper, stone and natural wood are apparent throughout.  

  • Fireseed Kitchen

    This old farmhouse needed a complete re-work of the kitchen and living spaces.  Home to two professional cooks and an in-motion lifestyle, the new layout allows for activities to flow easily in and around

  • Methow Valley Cabin

    Perched on the north rim of the Methow valley, this cabin reflects its rugged surroundings.  Its intimate scale is enhanced by the immensity of the landscape.  A visit to the south porch puts you in the middle of it all.

  • Red Door Farm

    Set atop a knoll overlooking the headwaters of Glendale Creek, this home mirrors the character of the neighboring barns.  It stretches out east to west to gather the southern sun and enfolds a pair of outdoor rooms in the process.  

  • Retro Modern Rehab

    This mid-century cabin was reinvented from the ground up.  We kept the high strip windows and reinforced its simple lines, but we reworked the interior, gave it some personality and added a playful floating deck for the kid in all of us.

  • Rock’n House

    Home to a stone sculptor and a designer, this place is rock solid.  Designed to capture the sun, this home absorbs passive and active solar alike.  Earthen plaster and radiant heat give the home a warm and tactile quality.  

  • Seattle Spice

    With a flair for the dramatic, this house sparkles when compared to its former self.  The new addition sports some nice details, a lot of light and some elbow room for the growing family.  

  • Taproot Studio

    Our design office reflects our values – Sacred geometry underlies the modest but inviting space.  Daylight fills the interior and keeps us tuned to natural cycles.  A living ecosystem thrives on the roof.  The entry wall slides open – blurring the boundary between inside…

  • Tibbals Lake House

    Built on one of the seven lots that preserved Tibbals Lake, this home is imbued with the craftsmanship and care of its owners and the artisan builders of Port Townsend.  These photos give just a hint of the unique details throughout.  

  • Writer’s Retreat

    Designed to compliment the historic four square home nearby, this cottage readily adapts to the needs of its owner.  It has served as writing studio, home office, guest cottage and more.