Cargo Shed – Complete


The curved roof provides a nice compliment to the box below.  It is fashioned from aluminum so it won’t leach zinc into the watershed (harmful to aquatic critters).  The space above the container gives ample storage for long materials.  It’s surprising how much – a personal mini lumberyard!  EMT pipe provides a series of shelf supports for easy sorting.  The circular nature of the pipe makes it easy to slide material in and out.  Materials can be accessed from both the interior and exterior.  This is perfect for both the rainy day project and the über long materials that you didn’t think you could store anywhere (up to 40′ in fact).

Cedar siding culled at the mill was used for the upper walls.  Deep overhangs protect the ends and provide shelter when accessing material.  Flip up screen doors are envisioned for the ends, but so far bees and birds have not been inclined to call it home  – yet!

We finished the building by adding a porch on the backside.  It functions as a covered work area or a three season lounge overlooking the garden (depending on our needs).

Overall, the building has been incredibly useful and adaptable.  The rooms can support anything from shop space to yoga.  Since both rooms have large doors to the outside, moving large items in and out is a breeze.  Now that it’s re-painted, anchored to a foundation, and capped with a generous roof, the building should last a very very long time.