Green Building Slam 2014

Matthew was one of the presenters at this year’s Green Building Slam.  The event, hosted by the University of Washington and sponsored by the Eco-Building Guild is one of our annual favorites.  This year’s event didn’t disappoint.  Ten speakers from around the region shared real-world stories of sustainable works taking place NOW in our local communities.  We find the event unique in that it’s not designed to impress, but rather to share and to inspire.  Collaboration is really how sustainability is going to be achieved and the heart-felt exchange evidenced here is one example of how we can do it.

Matthew shared some of the stories and lessons-learned in the making of our  “Neighborhood Friendly Net Zero” home.  A video of the presentation was promised and when it arrives, we’ll post a link here.  As a fun demonstration of good-works-recognized and the interconnectedness of all things, Matthew’s mentor Ross Chapin was also among the presenters.  Here’s a picture of the threesome from that night:  Sarah, Matthew & Ross.