Whidbey Institute Commons

The Whidbey Institute will be experiencing some new growth this spring. In addition to the huckleberry, sword fern and alder shoots, the long awaited Commons Building will begin taking shape at the Heartland campus.

Green Building Slam 2014

Matthew was one of the presenters at this year’s Green Building Slam.  The event, hosted by the University of Washington and sponsored by the Eco-Building Guild is one of our annual favorites.  This year’s event didn’t disappoint.  Ten speakers from around the region shared…

Heron Rook Cabin

A modest addition to an existing small cabin overlooking Saratoga Passage.  Home to artists, a little goes a long way.  The addition helps to create outdoor rooms – a welcoming sunlit patio at the Entry and a terrace overlooking the gardens and water off…

Orcas Island House

Just a short walk from Doe Bay, this home is a kayak paddler’s paradise.  That’s why the lower floor contains a dedicated kayak shop and gear room.  Designed for simplicity, this home is both economical to build and thermally efficient.  Solar thermal and solar…

Beach Stone

A variety of forms give this waterfront home interest.  The waterside opens to views of Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier.  A one-of-a-kind interior atrium/stair takes you up to the roof to your own private patio.

Bellevue Uplifted

With an expansive view of lake Sammamish, the cramped interior of this Bellevue ranch house just didn’t quite fit. We lifted the ceiling, added a window wall to the lake, enhanced the fireplace, and transformed the feeling inside. [wzslider]  

Carriage House

A multi-layered carriage house for a future winery.

Unity Church

Thirty years in the making, Unity has finally come home. Conceived as modular components, it was primarily built by carpentry students and transported to the site for assembly. Many layers of geometry and story underlie its design.